Mission Call Opening

Alright fellas, here's a little video of me opening my call. I was hesitant about posting it at first because I bawled and cried some more. Embarrassing? Ya.

However, the feeling was overwhelming that it was where I needed to be. The fact that I put all over my paperwork "I need to stay in Utah otherwise my health insurance will not cover me!" (that is roughly up to $15,000 for meds each month, $27,000 for each hospital clean out, and $25,000 for a bottle of Kalydeco whenever it comes out), that I later found out that piece was overlooked by the mission department, but that everything has been falling into place since is remarkable. It sure shows Heavenly Father assigns each missionary to where they need to be.

I decided to add a little music to it since the song was perfect, but the editing took for.eh.vur. Little did I know editing music and adding it to a video would require several programs, 9634985679346 hours, and almost wanting to chuck the computer across the room by the time I finished it.

So, if you wish...

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