Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hey I Went To Disneyland...sorta... :)

 Okay, first of all, I really am going to try to keep these letters more simple from now on. I looked at a few of the past ones I sent and thought, "Ohhh noo.." because there was so much information packed. I will also try to talk a little less of each investigator experience for their personal privacy. I am still trying to figure out what is best for each email.
Here's some good news, both Sister Gledhill and I will be staying this transfer! We survived "the Reaping." It will be so nice to keep up with those we are teaching and help them out each step. We are both excited to be here :)
Some other things from this week:
We said goodbye to our darling mini missionary, Kyla. Luckily we are keeping in touch and we were greatly influenced by her example.
We had what had to be one of the best Sundays in history here, as about 100 more people came. As we looked left and right, we saw many who were struggling to come to church, our investigators, and more. The spirit was so powerful I could even see our bishop in tears as the whole congregation stood while singing "the Spirit of God."
When Relief Society started, a girl asked me, "Are you Rachel?" Whoa. Missionaries never hear their first names, and I realized I knew her from back at BYU. Her name was Taylor, and she worked at my office! She was one of the member's sister, and she said she would say hi to everyone back at work. :)

The leaves are starting to change color. New England autumn is coming!! Sister Gledhill and I are stoked out of our minds!! It's going to be even more bewilderingly beautiful here.
A dear member from our ward, Sister Baer (I believe I mentioned her in one of my first emails) asked Sister Gledhill and I to go through the temple with her, as it will be her first time. We absolutely cannot wait and feel so privileged to attend with her. I know it's going to be a sacred, special experience.

A few days ago I had my first CF clinic visit. Little did I know that we would be going to the "Brigham Children's" instead of the "Brigham Women's" hospital. They said that they serve all ages, even people in their 70's. I was fine with going because they still sounded nice there. Let me tell you, Brigham Children's hospital must be the Disneyland of all hospitals...crazy, very expensive parking, people everywhere, bright colors and creative designs, happy workers and some crying children. Even our room we were assigned to wait in was Jiminey Cricket themed and there were a few Disney pics in the hallway. Truthfully, I thought it was darling. :)
The Disneyland of all Hospitals :)
We also discovered this was the Disneyland of all hospitals when the (technician?)named Brandon came bouncing in. At first he scared me a little with how bubbly and loud he was, but I soon discovered how he was one of the funniest people I've met. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in a while. The rest of the team was also so nice and supportive. :) Their Pulmonary Function Testing system is a little different--they bring a portable cart to test them from room to room and their percentages are different from the U's. For instance, the U of U measures at a 90% level and I believe Brigham's measures at a 100% level for the FEV 1. So, my fev1 was a 100% for the first time, so if it were according to back at home it would have gone up to around a 96%, which is still great. They told me to keep up the good work, because trust me, it is a lot of work.

Near the end of the visit, Brandon came in for lab work to test vitamin levels. I was amazed because HE WAS THE VERY FIRST PERSON EVER WHO DIDN'T TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG ABOUT MY VEINS. He was half jokingly saying God was punishing him with my spider veins haha. He searched and searched, and was a genius to tell which veins would work and which wouldn't work because of dehydration, so then he gave me 5 or 6 whoppin' cups of water, and when I drink a lot of water, I shiver and sometimes turn purple. So that's what happened. We waited in the cold hospital room for an hour for my veins to hydrate while I sat there with a blanket wrapped around, skin turning purple. The other practitioners took their turns coming in, but what's better than that? At one point, Brandon tried to sneak in a conversation of how he interestingly ended up in a conversation the previous day about where we go after we die, and all the messages that the churches he went to contrasted from each other and didn't make sense. He knew that we were missionaries, and he wanted answers. He tried to pick up on the word of what we carried, which testified to him that what we have may be what he needs, and he figured that it is the spirit. 

We had a short lesson on the Plan of Salvation and we handed him a Book of Mormon, with a chapter about the Plan of Salvation marked by a card with the missionaries in his area's number. My veins ended up not working well (they got barely any from near my knuckle and may have to draw from my foot next time), since he is only allowed to draw twice, so we will come again in 2 weeks for lab work before my GI doctor appointment.

To be honest, living with Cystic Fibrosis has made my lungs a little tired lately. I started the Tobi Podhaler yesterday. As Kip in Napoleon Dynamite sang, "Yes, I love technology" I really do, but it's been making my voice very hoarse and made my lungs work harder. 
A few days ago I came across a scripture that blew my mind. While reading my hardly-marked new scriptures, I came across 1 Ne 8: 29-30 while studying Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life:
"29 And now, I Nephi, do not speak all the words of my father.
"30 But, to be short in writing, behold, he saw other multitudes pressing forward; and they came and caught hold of the rod of iron; and they did press their way forward, continually holding fast to the rod of iron, until they came forth and fell down and partook of the fruit of the tree."

The Tree of Life

As I have read those two verses countless times before, I never realized how Nephi introduces verse 30 by saying "To be short in writing." I then understood how Nephi heard so many more details about this group that they had to be summarized.

Nephi could have heard more of how these people pressed forward, grasping to the iron rod until they fell at the tree of life. He had to summarize what could have been details of their struggling--how they dealt with personal matters, feelings of insignificance, guilt, loneliness, heartache. There could have been details of their lifelong pursuits, and yet even though they faced the hardships of life,  they held fast despite fears, how they remembered who they were even though darkness encumbered them, and much more. Their faith, their diligence, their perseverance was so immense that Nephi could not record it all down. He could have said he needed to briefly tell those who became discouraged or didn't hold on, those who mocked the believers, or those who fell away, but there must not have had as much detail revealed as about those who made it--those who held onto their faith in Jesus Christ as they fell down at their journey's end to fully feel of his love and mercies.
So if you ever feel down or discouraged, physically or emotionally broken at times, we can all remember how Nephi had to summarize this group of believers, as we are not alone as we follow our Savior Jesus Christ.
I hope you have a great week!
Take care.

Sister Roy

Best surprise..."Greenie" package from home :)

The District

Ice cream with the crew

Putting packets of supplies together for members in case they ever need to hand anything out

Monday, August 19, 2013

What a GREAT Week!!!

My old MTC companion

This week was a great one. We had "Return and Report," which is where all the trainers and trainees received advice from President and Sister Packard on how to better plan and go about the work.  While there, I ran into my MTC companion Sister Barney!
We are still teaching Guerline and are trying to have her choose a baptismal date. She is absolutely set about being baptized but is taking it slowly since it's such a huge decision for her. When we taught her the word of wisdom she committed to continue keeping it and she is also can't wait to pay tithing after she is baptized.
We also began teaching Jose. He is one mature 11 year old (before I said he's 12, but he is 11) , and we taught him about how the spirit speaks to us, scripture study, and prayer. We taught him how to pray, because he hadn't since he was 8. It is awesome to hear his input, understanding, and desire to become closer to our Heavenly Father.
Post workout with Sister Bringhurst
A funny-ish (wasn't too funny at the moment) time was when I went on an exchange with Sister Bringhurst (exchanges are when a couple of companionship's split up to complete more work and get to know another area). She told me we were going to start off with an insane workout for a young adult ward activity so we could talk to a couple of people there. Now, I decided to still do Insanity (the fit test) that morning before she came just in case the "insane workout" wasn't too insane or enough of a workout for my lungs. When we got to the activity, lo and behold the exact same Insanity fit test was playing that I did that morning. It was a double whammy of a workout and Sister Bringhurst and I felt accomplished afterwards.

Sister Bringhurst and I on P-Day. We get along really well, and she even trained Sister Gledhill.

Later that day, after studies, appointments, and more, both companionship's met up again, and Sister Gledhill and I hurried to a dinner appointment. Afterwards we picked up our new mini missionary, Kyla. She closely resembles Luna from Harry Potter, which is awesome. She's been a big help so far. 

Why did the geese cross the road?

One day  one day a bunch of geese decided to block the road.  We didn't know where they came from because there wasn't even a park nearby. People were getting agitated in cars behind us but I thought it was funny to watch.

Because someone made them

We stopped by Guerline's then we headed back home. From that point, we had one of the neatest experiences that I know is going to lead to something incredible.
As soon as we pulled in the parking stall at home, we noticed a man sitting on his porch right next to our place, just enjoying the pleasant night. He was actually the first person I met right as I came into our apartment for the first time on my first day in the mission field. At that time, he recognized we were missionaries because he lived in Utah at one point because he worked for the Utah Jazz :) :) So when we saw him this time, we remembered his name was Kevin and said hello. He invited us over (Kyla was our chaperone) and I felt it was okay. We noticed he was in a wheelchair, and he told of his experiences of him as an actor, how a drunk driver hit him at one point, and how we lost his brother and his father died of Parkinson's, as well as how he was divorced. Yet, as he told of these experiences and showed us his beautiful home, he radiated with the spirit. In fact, his whole home was full of the spirit I hadn't felt since I had first stepped foot inside my best friend Shanna Christensen's home. It was overwhelming to see him not stop smiling. After he showed us around, he said how he wanted us to come back and teach him what we teach and he truly wants to learn what we have to offer.
I stood there, smiling from ear to ear in absolute disbelief with tears of gratitude. I told him how Heavenly Father shows his love to us through what we call the spirit, and I felt it in him and was amazed by his positive attitude. At that moment, I realized from our loving Heavenly Father how my experiences from my past could help me understand Kevin better, and to share him the good news the gospel has to offer. That night I was made more aware of how precious life is--the reminder of how all is well as we have our Savior with us. These moments are real. They are dear to my heart and I cherish them. The Lord trusts us and holds us up each step of the way, whether we notice it at the time or not. I love this gospel and all that it has to offer.
Have a great week!
-Sister Roy

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi Everyone, 

It's been quite a week!  :-)
First of all, on Monday, we went over to Boston. We had perfect weather that day--not humid, nicely warm with a breeze. We walked from the huge stake center at Cambridge across the bridge to Boston, and alongside the crazy city streets.
Cambridge Stake Center by Boston.  It's 3 stories tall and has a parking garage underneath.

We went to Mike's Pastries, which is a popular tourist attraction. (I thought it was okay and worth going to once but nothing beats Sweet Tooth Fairy) :-) We also went to Quincey Market, where they have a few shops for tourists. It was a good day and someday we will get to go back and see what other things Boston has to offer.

Boston skyline

Fennway Park (where Boston Red Sox play)

Enjoying P-Day in Boston

Later that day, Sister Gledhill and I were able to eat at the Fox's home and pull through with a past promise she and Sister Bringhurst made--to make an awesome fort. I was up for the challenge, and it turned out to be awesome! Wendy actually loved it and couldn't stop laughing. She is Catholic and her ex-husband used to be LDS, but she still is open to our teachings. Inside the fort we turned on some flashlights and taught how we can all follow the Savior's teachings of being a light unto others, and all discussed how we can exemplify Christ's light by doing good works. 
the awesome fort we made
 Sister Gledhill and I have been witnessing miracles beginning to emerge. For instance...

We have a new investigator! Jose is 12 and part of a family who we are trying to bring back to church. Jose agreed for us to teach him to help him along the right track to baptism, so we are looking forward to teaching him starting this week.

A member from our ward, Sister Shearer also called, telling us how the Vinjas family, whom she's been working with, are gaining interest in the church. Their mom told her how she feels she needs something more in her life and wants for her family to be taught. The dilemma is she is not sure how her husband will take it, so we are praying for them.
Sister Shearer also mentioned how Megan, whom she's been working with, was invited to come to church and is looking forward to it, on top of reading the Book of Mormon.
Sister Gledhill and I ran into "Brother Jack" at the library once again. Sister Gledhill met him at the library when she first came into the mission and he came to her, asking if she was a nun. She explained she is sort of like a "Mormon-nun" and they both laughed, and he introduced himself as Brother Jack. Last time we saw him we forgot to get his number (face palm) but each time we run into him he greets us. He is Catholic and is looking forward to us teaching him tomorrow.

In addition to these awesome happenings, we had Zone Conference this last Friday. I absolutely loved it! We stayed at the Worcester stake center (sounds like Wuhster) from 9 to 5 for lessons and workshops. We had the privilege of hearing from President and Sister Packard along with Clayton Christensen, the author of "the Power of Everyday Missionaries."  Let me tell you, Clayton Christensen is very tall and a genius. He had a stroke while teaching not too long ago and is having to relearn English, (I learned back in one of my Communication Disorders classes at BYU how that happens more than we'd think),  but he continues to teach at Harvard. After Zone Conference, President Packard told how Clayton Christensen just got back from England, as he met with the Prime Minister, and was recently interviewed by Neil A. Anderson. The lessons he taught were powerful and the spirit was very strong.
Now, I also want to briefly tell about another miracle I see coming about. At Zone Conference, I got very giddy as President Packard taught about "the Digital Mission" we are beginning. I was blown as I found out our mission started this and got the approval from a couple of the apostles, and that they thought it was an excellent idea. Several missionaries here were assigned to set up a portal, where articles from all around the web are brought in, focusing on religious subjects. We will be able to search by topic and comment under the articles, sharing our beliefs and linking website addresses to blog articles, which include personal experiences to answer many questions the world faces today, which is what I'm about to explain...
So on top of the portal, a new website is being developed called Since a lot of people are searching online for answers and don't know where to find them, this website will provide a way to connect with people from the church and read testimonies and personal experiences to give them a better idea of what we believe. Since people often go to to find out who Mormons are, this is to help them understand what we believe. We are getting the word out by having members type up stories, having non-members read them, then sending them to be proof-read by assigned missionaries before posted. The goal is to get this website as well-known as possible to help people receive answers and comfort in their lives for when they are wondering who God is and why He allows us to go through hard times, how we can have faith everyday, our purpose in life, how we go about each day facing relationships,  and more. I have such a good feeling about this project. If anyone wants to write a personal story for this website, you can write it and send it to to be proof-read then posted for the world to read. I can send out a few pages to whoever wants one with more details. (Mom, can you, Josh, Brandon or someone post a link to on my blog page on the side of my layout to get the word out?)
Gueriline's Mini Birthday Party!
The other day, Gueriline invited us over for dinner! Sister Gledhill and I got a kick out of it, but we were thrilled. She also invited the Elders to join. Her birthday was also approaching so we decided to turn it into a celebration before another big lesson. We also had Sister Shearer come with her son (for the Elders to come, another male would have to be present), since Sister Shearer is a recent convert. Right as we came to Gueriline's, we saw her friend Amos there and we were nervous. To briefly explain, whenever we had been to Gueriline's for the past while, he was there and when we would teach Gueriline, he would throw some difficult questions at us, defending the Bible, since he was taught to be a preacher and knows it by heart. We were nervous that he would dissuade what Gueriline learned from us. However, I almost wondered if the Lord had him there for a reason, but didn't see much hope in an opportunity. He did not seem to like us and as soon as the Elders and us arrived that night, he hopped in his car and sped off. However, Gueriline immediately called him, insisting he would come back. He did, and was a little quiet.

After enjoying the food that Gueriline bought--Costco pizza, wings, chips fruit, salad, and much more--we all went into her living room. I felt very good about the lesson that was about to take place, as we wanted to teach her more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the specific covenants we make when we are baptized, and set a baptismal date with her. As we taught the spirit was so strong. However, Amos kept throwing questions at us every now and then. It took me some time to realize he was no longer trying to 'prove us wrong,' but questions were flooding his mind as things were making sense. We explained to him more of the Book of Mormon, and how it does not replace the Bible. As soon as he started bringing up the authority that we use to baptize, Sister Gledhill jumped in, telling how we were running short on time, but we could teach him more through the lessons. He is excited to have us or the Elders teach him!
I had to ask for forgiveness from the Lord after this experience. I learned even more how our loving, Eternal Heavenly Father, never gives up on his sons and daughters. He knows us by name. He knows who we are and of our great potential. I didn't give Amos much of a chance, but as the spirit bore witness to him that night, I saw how patient the Lord is with us as he draws us nearer to him. I am so grateful for this lesson that I learned that night.
Line of the week: "Welcome to Boston, where people drive as well as they say nice things to you."-Elder Rushforth

Much love to you all!
-Sister Roy