Monday, August 19, 2013

What a GREAT Week!!!

My old MTC companion

This week was a great one. We had "Return and Report," which is where all the trainers and trainees received advice from President and Sister Packard on how to better plan and go about the work.  While there, I ran into my MTC companion Sister Barney!
We are still teaching Guerline and are trying to have her choose a baptismal date. She is absolutely set about being baptized but is taking it slowly since it's such a huge decision for her. When we taught her the word of wisdom she committed to continue keeping it and she is also can't wait to pay tithing after she is baptized.
We also began teaching Jose. He is one mature 11 year old (before I said he's 12, but he is 11) , and we taught him about how the spirit speaks to us, scripture study, and prayer. We taught him how to pray, because he hadn't since he was 8. It is awesome to hear his input, understanding, and desire to become closer to our Heavenly Father.
Post workout with Sister Bringhurst
A funny-ish (wasn't too funny at the moment) time was when I went on an exchange with Sister Bringhurst (exchanges are when a couple of companionship's split up to complete more work and get to know another area). She told me we were going to start off with an insane workout for a young adult ward activity so we could talk to a couple of people there. Now, I decided to still do Insanity (the fit test) that morning before she came just in case the "insane workout" wasn't too insane or enough of a workout for my lungs. When we got to the activity, lo and behold the exact same Insanity fit test was playing that I did that morning. It was a double whammy of a workout and Sister Bringhurst and I felt accomplished afterwards.

Sister Bringhurst and I on P-Day. We get along really well, and she even trained Sister Gledhill.

Later that day, after studies, appointments, and more, both companionship's met up again, and Sister Gledhill and I hurried to a dinner appointment. Afterwards we picked up our new mini missionary, Kyla. She closely resembles Luna from Harry Potter, which is awesome. She's been a big help so far. 

Why did the geese cross the road?

One day  one day a bunch of geese decided to block the road.  We didn't know where they came from because there wasn't even a park nearby. People were getting agitated in cars behind us but I thought it was funny to watch.

Because someone made them

We stopped by Guerline's then we headed back home. From that point, we had one of the neatest experiences that I know is going to lead to something incredible.
As soon as we pulled in the parking stall at home, we noticed a man sitting on his porch right next to our place, just enjoying the pleasant night. He was actually the first person I met right as I came into our apartment for the first time on my first day in the mission field. At that time, he recognized we were missionaries because he lived in Utah at one point because he worked for the Utah Jazz :) :) So when we saw him this time, we remembered his name was Kevin and said hello. He invited us over (Kyla was our chaperone) and I felt it was okay. We noticed he was in a wheelchair, and he told of his experiences of him as an actor, how a drunk driver hit him at one point, and how we lost his brother and his father died of Parkinson's, as well as how he was divorced. Yet, as he told of these experiences and showed us his beautiful home, he radiated with the spirit. In fact, his whole home was full of the spirit I hadn't felt since I had first stepped foot inside my best friend Shanna Christensen's home. It was overwhelming to see him not stop smiling. After he showed us around, he said how he wanted us to come back and teach him what we teach and he truly wants to learn what we have to offer.
I stood there, smiling from ear to ear in absolute disbelief with tears of gratitude. I told him how Heavenly Father shows his love to us through what we call the spirit, and I felt it in him and was amazed by his positive attitude. At that moment, I realized from our loving Heavenly Father how my experiences from my past could help me understand Kevin better, and to share him the good news the gospel has to offer. That night I was made more aware of how precious life is--the reminder of how all is well as we have our Savior with us. These moments are real. They are dear to my heart and I cherish them. The Lord trusts us and holds us up each step of the way, whether we notice it at the time or not. I love this gospel and all that it has to offer.
Have a great week!
-Sister Roy

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