My Life as a Cyster/(What is CF?)

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetically inherited chronic illness that, in summary, affects the lungs and digestive system. A defective gene and protein make the body produce a thick, sticky mucus that:

-Can clog airways and lead to life-threatening lung infections.
       (Some which are noticed or unnoticed and are not contagious.)
-Obstructs the pancreas and stops the body's natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food.

With this being said:
At least every morning and night, medications are breathed in through nebulizer treatments to open airways, chop up and loosen gunk, and prevent infections. While breathing in the meds, an inflatable vest is strapped on that shakes to loosen any gunk that may be in the airways.

-Extra salt may need to be consumed, especially in hot weather conditions since CF patients tend to lose a lot of it.

-Exercise helps the body prevent infections and keep airways clear, as well as increasing lung capacity and function. The amount of/rigorousness of exercise may vary for each patient as some may not be as capable at times or may need to rest instead in order to recover. It is a highly recommended source to go to in order to stay healthy.

-For CF, the thick mucus often gets in the way of digestion, creating malabsorption. This is treated by getting enough vitamins through fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin and mineral supplements, and enzymes before each meal or snack. For children, it is vital to have a high-calorie, high-fat diet for proper growth to compensate malabsorbtion. Many adults need to follow this diet as well, but digestion complications can progress, and high-calorie foods can be found through other sources such as the Omega 3s.

-Regular doctor visits to check up on lung function, nutrition, and more are also required at least once every few months. Hospital "tune-ups" may also come into place when pulmonary function test scores drop and overall health decreases.

A lot of this info came straight from the site Click for more info.

So, you're probably wondering...Good sugar why did I decide to put myself out and serve a mission in spite of all this you just read?

     As you read my experiences on this blog while out on a mission, you may see how this gospel has changed my life forever as it will continue to do so, and I look forward to see how it will change others lives as well. It has provided extra strength and joy during hardships and trials from Cystic Fibrosis and other life challenges. Knowing that our Savior suffered in Gethsemane not only for our sins, transgressions, and shortcomings, but for all our sorrows, minor, and excruciating pains for us to return to him and live with our families forever throughout all eternity is assuring, comforting, and brings peace and joy. Keeping an Eternal perspective at all times creates faith and hope to get us through. 

     However, even though CF is a large part of my life, it is also only a small portion. There is so much joy we can gain as we live life abundantly. My life would not be the same without being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and continually feeling the joy that comes from this restored gospel on the earth.

     There is so much for me to share--so many aspects of my testimony that would be impossible to write on here. But I can assure you I know this restored gospel is true. As we have the Old and New Testament in the Bible, as they testified of Christ with their stories of faith and encouragement that truly happened to people who lived, we have another Testament of Jesus Christ--the Book of Mormon. Just look at the cover and you will see the words Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Read the intro page, and then as you get in depth with the book's stories and experiences that happened to more people who lived, I promise that as you prayerfully seek its messages and apply them to your life, your mind will be opened to new insights that can help answer questions you have in your life and solutions you need. This book has been one of my go-to's in my life as it has brought an indescribable, sweet joy. I wouldn't be as happy as I am today without it!

     I look forward to sharing the sweet tender messages this gospel has with others in the Massachusetts Boston mission. I know Heavenly Father has given me this condition, in part, to bring others unto Him. I am excited to let others know how much our Heavenly Father loves them, no matter their pasts or imperfections, and that his ways are always perfect as we go about life on the straight and narrow path. As CF's severity varies for each patient, I am grateful to be healthy and well enough to serve my Heavenly Father whom I love so much, and let others know that they have a Savior who is always there for them. This gospel is true!

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