Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hello MTC

Hi everyone!!

My first official day as a Sister Missionary was Wednesday, July 3, 2013.  After packing up my bags, my family and I headed up to Provo.  Before reporting to the MTC, I went to lunch at Zupas. 


Upon arriving at the MTC, I was greeted by several missionaries who helped me unload my baggage, and a Missionary Escort.  I had about five minutes to say final goodbyes to my family. 
Saying bye to Dad
Goodbye, Sister

 My brothers will be on missions when I come home and my sister is moving to another state so it was hard to know it may be several years before I see them again.

Saying bye to Mom
Bye, Grandma
Off to a New Adventure!

After being dropped off at the MTC, I was led to my room (a newer one) and left my luggage. I was then led to the classroom to discover that my district, including my new companion, already left for the new orientation. I had to follow 2 sisters around since we can't be alone. We attended some teaching preparation classes, which were neat as many missionaries filed into one room with an investigator, as we all helped teach that individual. We were ushered from class to class, and I was still without my companion.

After a few hours I was finally able to meet my new companion Sister Barney! We attended a branch meeting until about 9:30 pm, and afterwards I rushed in my room, strapped on my vest, and threw the "pipe" in my mouth. It felt incredible, but I didn't have any time to explain to anyone what I was doing and why. Afterwards I had 10 minutes to get ready for bed.

I am loving the MTC! But holy smokes it's been crazy and it has taken some time to adjust.
I quickly learned that this mission will require the Lord and I to work as a team, and I would need to go to him often in prayer for extra strength and help.

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