Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not a goodbye, but only see you soon :)

I cannot express how much I look forward to serving a mission. I never saw this coming in my lifetime, but lately I've known it's the best time and it's what the Lord wants me to do. :)

Tonight I will be set apart as Sister Roy.

Lately I have been overwhelmingly touched and thankful for all the love and support from family and friends, and even those who I may not know as well but have still been so thoughtful.

The farewell went well. When Brother Vance told me I could choose any topic, I wondered and prayed what I should speak on. The phrase "The freedom and grace that Christ brings" kept coming, along with how Christ's grace is sufficient.

I wrote the talk a few weeks in advance, with just key pointers and favorite scriptures. I have to admit I was so busy that Saturday before that I didn't even look at it until that night. From that point, I knew even more that the spirit is the true teacher and would have to step in.

He sure did. I was a little nervous before getting to the podium, but once I did, the spirit took over. I felt at peace and everything came smoothly. For the first time, I actually felt as if I were a missionary. It was such a sweet confirmation that this is the Lord's work, and that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing for 18 months. :)

Here are some pics from Sunday. Again, I cannot even thank you all enough for all the love, encouragement, and support!

Ellen and I have become close over these past few months. We were almost "Cysters" as she had a misdiagnosis, but we've been able to help each other throughout our stubborn health issues. I won't forget our long talks and laughs shared along with the ridiculous things we've done together. She is truly a remarkable, loyal friend. I know that one reason I was to leave at this time was for us to get to know each other better.

Sierra is one who always makes me laugh. I believe we have been friends since middle school. She is getting married soon and Josh is one lucky guy to have her!

Was I excited to make 50 blackberry cupcakes? (Not all were on this plate). Yes, I actually was :)

the Roy side

Grandpa stopped by from Arizona and was able to come!

Tonya, Dad and I

Caryn is one great cousin! I will miss our long conversations and laughs shared! We were able to be goofy around each other and wouldn't care what people thought!

I can't believe how fast we've been growing up and all moving on. Oh how time flies.

I am proud that we are an eternal family. :)

Mom and I

Sweet cousins can give the best hugs.

I don't even know where to begin. First, Josh in the background...priceless :) Other than that, these two have been through loads and have been the best parents to their family, especially with all that Tyler faced. They have been outstanding teachers, counselors, and in a way 2nd parents in my life. They still pull through each day with a smile and love to serve others despite their adversities. They have been two of the greatest examples in my life. Meet the Robinsons :)

Then there were more goodbyes...

We all have certain friends that come into our lives for a reason. They can help uplift, support, and encourage us even during life's hardest challenges. (If you are reading this BMill, I hope I don't embarrass you,) but there were many hard times during my Junior Year in high school. The day I gave my presentation about CF to the stud gov class at high school for the fundraiser, he was on the front row right in front of me. I never really knew who he was, but I was shaking a little as I told a whole class about my condition. I could tell that this guy was touched. From that point, he reached out with a smile and a hello. He was a great encouragement and during a particular trimester, I needed a friend like him. There was a lot of physical pain and change as my g-tube was removed after about 14 years of having it, lung infections, and more. Months later he left for his mission and I had the opportunity to write a few letters every now and then, and he was been a great support while I've been preparing for mine. There's nothing like having good friends who can always bring joy and make you laugh, who you're able to be yourself with and kid around, along with providing encouragement and motivation when you need it, and always making you want to be better. Seeing him this Sunday right in one of the front rows as I spoke brought me back to that one moment when I needed an extra special friend in my life.  

This is Cori, who was my nurse when I was a young one over at Primary Children's Hospital. I don't exactly remember which tune up it was when we met, but I am so grateful we got back in contact! How did it happen? We were shopping at Target a few years later and recognized each other. It finally clicked! I was able to attend her farewell a couple of years ago and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown! She stopped by last night just to give some of the best mission advice, especially with organizing. Life saver, let me tell you! Her example has greatly impacted mine with her joy and love for others. I appreciate all that she has done.

There are so many more of you out there that it would be impossible to list you all on here. I cannot thank you enough for the ways you have helped me over these past few years. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for all that you do!

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