Monday, April 14, 2014

Aunt Rachel?!

Hi Everyone,

I'm already an Aunt?! Oh man, I don't even know what to say...I'M SO THRILLED!! :) I began to wonder yesterday if Connor was born, it turns out it's now truth. :) I cannot believe how many changes are taking place. Brandon, when will your album be completed? What kind of music have you been recording?

It's been a very eventful but good week. :) On Tuesday Sister Nielson and I headed to Boston for a follow-up  CF Clinic visit. There's no need to worry because I'm doing well, but I've still been getting over the after effects from the cold in February/Tobi Podhaler's side effects. Since I got permission to go onto the Cystic Life website again, I've noticed that the Podhaler has not only affected myself, but many other patients as well. I'm grateful that it hasn't been as bad for me as other patients--I've just had more/thicker gunk and it could be worse. I'm still debating on whether to switch to the 30 minute version of Tobi since it will cut even more time for proselyting and we'll have to be home even earlier each day, so I'm going to talk it over with President Packard more when I next meet with him. However, I also know (and what he'll probably say) is that I have to take care of myself. :/ Aside from that tangent though, the PFT numbers were higher than I expected. :)

On Wednesday Sister Nielson and I headed over to good ol' Weston for an all-day conference for all the Sisters in the mission. It was great! We attended presentations, workshops, heard testimonies born, as well as wise words from President and Sister Packard. It was a little bit of an investment, but I am so glad I bought a recorder a couple of days beforehand to record any bit that stood out, (especially the Packard’s talks because I keep regretting not having them recorded--notes can only do so much!) I will do my best to see if I can send out a copy of the last two talks along with other parts of the day as soon as I get the chance.

Beth and Amy
 Beth and Amy continued to face a lot of opposition this week--to the point that their baptism was almost cancelled. With all of the fasting, prayers, all came together and they were finally baptized! Seriously, though, I've never had any investigator face that much opposition along their journey towards baptism before. Sister Nielson and I have definitely had to use all of our heart, might, mind, and strength to help them all, and we couldn't have done it without Heavenly Father's help.

Robin and all the Missionaries to helped teach her
The other highlight of this week was on Saturday. Sister Nielson and I had the sweet opportunity to join one of our members, Robin, for her big day. She was baptized last year, and has been ecstatic to receive her endowment. Weeks ago she invited all of the missionaries who every helped her---beginning with the missionary discussions and lessons to the temple prep lessons.  We all got permission and came from all over the mission to support Robin for this memorable moment. Her cousin also flew in from Utah, as well as our Relief Society President and Branch Mission Leader, all came as well. In preparation for her endowment, Robin completed a lot of her family history work and brought a stack of names with her. She handed each of us a family member's name, including her mom, dad, baby brother, and grandparents. The whole time, we could all feel Robin's excitement, and there were many times she would not stop beaming. The spirit was so powerful during the entire session, and all of the workers we saw said they had never seen such a sight with all the missionaries who were there for her. After Robin's endowment, we all filed into the sealing room to seal her parents, then she to her parents and baby brother all together for eternity. It was an incredible moment I will never forget.

To top it all off, church on Sunday was incredible, especially fast and testimony meeting. I even fasted that it would turn out right since we were expecting many less actives and non-members to attend. Surely enough, five less actives and nine nom members came--whether they were investigators, one of our investigator's parents, non-members of part-member families, and friends. We were blown away as each person came in. Never before until yesterday in this branch had I seen about every chair taken--they even had to grab more chairs after the sacrament to create another row! Testimony meeting was so powerful that there were some tears shed across the chapel. I won't forget the spirit that was there. The Lord is definitely guiding and preparing those who may be ready to hear more at the right time.

It's definitely been a great and memorable week! I still want to wish Alicia congrats and I cannot believe I'm an Aunt! Beth and Amy are now baptized, as we'll help them continue to progress. Robin received her endowment and is now sealed to her family. I wish I could fully express how fantastic this all is. :)

Sister Roy

P.S. You remember Darryl who I wrote about last week? Well...he cancelled on us for both appointments saying he was overwhelmed with work...and we got a message from him on Saturday (right after we got out of the temple) that he moved to Cape Cod (which was exactly what one of our recent converts Dave did not too long ago. First of all, Sister Nielson and I both agreed Darryl and Dave should become best friends. Second, we wished the absolute best for him and we left him with our testimony of the Book of Mormon, promising that once he decides to read it more, he will feel closer to Heavenly Father and how he'll gain a better sense of how a knowledge of Jesus Christ and what He did when He was on earth can help him overcome addictions and anything else in his life that may be hard, as well as gain a better sense of his purpose in life.

When I walked out of the temple though and received the text, I couldn't help but feel (yes, disappointed as well) completely peaceful as I was able to look at everything with an eternal perspective.

P.P.S.  The house we're helping Habitat for Humanity build is coming together!

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