Monday, June 30, 2014

More Neat and Exciting Things Happening :)

A pretty view of a local pond
Hello people!

I'm sure looking forward to this Friday!! The Fourth of July is going to rock ;) (sorry, I had to say it) here in Plymouth. It must be a hotspot here for the Fourth... maybe because it's 'Murca's hometown. ;) I didn't realize how big of an event it is here until people started to put up their American flags everywhere about a week or two ago. We are also going to have some of the missionaries from our zone come up here. Our mission says we can attend a fireworks show as long as it's within the stake boundaries and we head home right after. I'm so relieved! :)

May I also announce some other exciting news?? Yes, the news came...all three trial phases of the Vertex pill (or what I call the magic pill) for the DeltaF508 gene mutation were COMPLETED with SUCCESS!!! No, it is not a cure, but the fact that the studies have shown it has significantly improved PFT results and their overall wellbeing is remarkable. Vertex plans on submitting the application for the pill by the end of this year, so that's about all that I know. I would love to hear any further news about it. :)

I don't know if I ever mentioned (I probably didn't) but for the past few months our Stake was working on an event called "Trek to the Temple." The plan was to have a day where the temple would have open sessions and times for each member to come with a family name to "build a Stake in heaven" which probably is not correct because who knows if there are Stakes there but oh well.) So, we lucky missionaries in the stake woke up very early on Saturday morning. Sister Harris and I carpooled with our primary president at 6:30 to be there at 7:30 to help set up for the activities for all the kids at the church across the street from the temple. 

Our mini trek to the temple on Trek to the Temple Day
We set up a craft table, helped the PVC Sisters set up the displays, then hurried to guide the group of kiddos around. We started with 3 but then it grew larger (luckily we had some of the parents to help us out.) It waso crazy but a lot of fun! All of the activities were focused on the temple and learning about our ancestors. We ate snacks our group, then took a mini hike (some were huffing and puffing in the heat) through some woods up to the Boston temple from the church. There they had 2 guides who took us around the grounds to teach them more about the temple. After we came back, there were different stations for the kids. There was a story time, game time, music time, craft time, dancing time, and then they had the opportunity to be pulled in a handcart outside. Afterwards lunch was served as there were people in every crook and cranny where the food was and the food ran out near the end since there were so many people! We were so tired that night and in fact I almost forgot how to sleep. I'm glad though that we were able to help out.

We've still been having a little bit of a difficult time meeting with investigators, so we are working as well as we can to do what we need to according to the Lord's will. One of our focus's has been to work more with those who have been struggling to come to church for a while, but are finally coming back. There have been a few, which is truly a blessing. One that we met with this week was Andrew. He has had quite a past which he has been uncomfortable to open up about, but he opened up with us. He's shared his testimony and is so grateful to focus on the gospel in his life. We have been able to see how he was truly converted, and is again. This work can be hard, frustrating and challenging, but to see and witness a conversion taking place--even, if not especially for--those who reclaim the tender emotions, knowledge, and confirmations they at one point lost. It is remarkable.

Have a great week! It's great being here.

Love always,
Sister Roy

P.S. It's bizarre to think that the one-year mark is this Thursday...

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