Monday, September 16, 2013

The Race

Hey It's Sonic :) (holding a hedgehog for the first time.) photo IMG_08581_zps0dda6d78.jpg
Hey it's Sonic the Hedghog :) (holding a hedghog for the first time.)

Dearest family and friends,

Sometimes reading all the updates from people makes me feel old haha, but I am beyond excited that my cousin Carissa is having a girl and someday we will find out if I'll be having a niece or nephew. I love receiving good news and I hope everyone is doing well.

Well, Once upon a time (last week)...I felt well again on P-Day and was glad my health was about back to normal. Then, the next night, I couldn't sleep due to odd pains in my esophagus and intestines, followed by chills and body aches. The next morning, Sister Gledhill and I decided to stay home and I slept all day. It wasn't fun but it only took a few days to heal.
Then, on Friday the 13th, Sister Gledhill caught the same virus. Then she recovered after a day. The end.
So, as you can see, it was an interesting week haha. We were wondering when in the world the illnesses viruses would end so we could continue the work, but we are feeling much better now and hope this won't happen often.
However, while all this took place, I was reminded of how awesome some of the members are here. At the end of a day of exchanges with the other Sister Missionaries so I could recover at home, one of the members, Sister Wilson was willing to help us out. She drove us out to Maynard to drop Sister Gledhill off at a member's to teach our Investigator Pam, then took me to Walgreen's to pick up a medication before buying us Subway sandwiches, then headed to the apartment so I could do treatment. Her younger brother in Utah actually has CF, so she has seen some of his regimen while growing up, and was excited to see the shaking vest. This was just one example of the acts of service people offered as I could feel her sincerity and care. We had a neighbor bring Sister Gledhill a bunch of Powerade when she wasn't feeling well and our neighbor Kevin once again offered to give us bottles of juice, along with some Ben & Jerry's. Sister Gledhill and I were both watched out for and I am so thankful for the acts of serve that were offered.
So there's not as much that happened last week since much of it consisted of staying at home, but on Saturday we helped with preparations for the playground build day in Waltham, which is tomorrow. There are supposed to be at least 250 volunteers coming, including thePatriotsandtheNewEnglandRevolutionSoccerTeamAmIExcitedOhbabyYesIAmAhhhh. That's kind of how I feel about it, but it will definitely be cool to build a playground. That's what we'll be there for, right? Yes. 
Painting cabinets (?) for the new playground

Anywho...Wednesday we will also start our English class, so we will see how many will come. We are teaching the very basics of English through the church program, the Daily Dose. Dad, what were your experiences with teaching English when you were on your mission in Korea?

We are planning on teaching Kevin the first lesson this Thursday. He wanted us to come over for dinner and a lesson, and we will find a member to come with us as a Chaperone, but I will let you know how that goes. :)

We are also busy planning for Pam's baptism this upcoming Saturday. She and others we are teaching always blow me away by their sincerity, diligence, and example. She is thrilled and all the beehives in the ward are also helping her feel included and involved.
Sometimes the work is slow, since lessons with those we are teaching get cancelled at the last minute, but I still know the Lord is preparing his work in ways we are unaware. 

There are challenging times that come, but I've seen how the Lord is always on the sidelines helping us along. Mom, that poem you sent called "the Race" was perfect. There are times where I feel unqualified, especially with all the illness incidents, and there are always ways in which I could improve. I love the encouragement the father gave his son in the poem, "You haven't lost at all, for winning is more than this--to rise each time you fall." There's so much truth to that. We may have rough areas or ways in which we know we can improve, and we may keep falling while we feel others may be running ahead, but our our Lord and Redeemer is there, hoping we rise each time we fall as he rose for all mankind.

Hope you have a great week! I love hearing from you and keep me updated with your lives. 

-Sister Roy

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