Monday, December 2, 2013

A Fulfilling Thanksgiving


Dearest Family,

There's so many changes happening at home but I am so excited for all of you! :)
As for this week, it was a little slow since everyone and their dog seemed to be gone for Thanksgiving. We attempted. We called. We texted. We stopped by. We even knocked on doors. We knocked on more doors, even offering small acts of service. Nada. And those at home were not interested. It felt like everyone was at a party and we were not invited. So, what did we do? We then offered to help cook Thanksgiving for any families that needed help. Mama Baer from our ward kept coming to mind, so we gave her a call. She invited us over to make pies with her, which ended up being a nice tender mercy for Sister Patterson since that was her family's tradition for the day before Thanksgiving. :)    She is one of the sweetest ladies to live. We had a great time together at the "Baer cave" and shared a message as we all enjoyed ice cream topped with a divine New England specialty--Stonewall caramel sea salt hot fudge.

Thanksgiving at the Tardiff's (I couldn't stand up straight because I was so full)

Sister Patterson and I also enjoyed Thanksgiving at the Tardiff's from our ward. We helped prepare for hours, and then enjoyed the feast of turkey and the large assortment of food. It was all divine and very fulfilling. We had a good time and look forward to going over for Christmas morning.

 This week has become a little challenging, since I began Tobi Podhaler again. I'm debating whether to go back the 30 minute version, since I've noticed how the Podhaler takes my voice away more, but it only takes 5 minutes and doesn't hurt my voice as much, even though it takes it away more, and it also has irritated my lungs a little more. It may not make sense to be a missionary with her voice gone for 1/3 of my mission, especially since the work requires talking to and teaching many people. Being on it every other couple of months requires more patience and I'm trying to seek the disguised blessings from it. It's rough at times, but hey, hard times make us stronger, right? I know there are lessons to learn from whatever circumstances we are in. 

The people here on the mission have been so helpful as well and have shown great love and concern. Sister Patterson has been a champ for helping out and leading in lessons or taking over when my voice goes out. We had an awesome lesson on Saturday with a new investigator named Isaac, where we finished the lesson on the Restoration with him. It was tough not being able to talk much, but with my voice hardly there, everyone was silent as the spirit bore strong witness through the words I could get out while teaching. Sometimes the Lord compensates in marvelous ways.

I remember one of my friends shared a chapter with me while on her mission in Peru, saying how I reminded her of Shiblon in Alma 38. I wasn't sure if that was true, but I remembered it was comforting, so I turned to it yesterday during my scripture study. In one verse, Alma tells him, "Thou didst bear all these things with patience because the Lord was with thee."  The verse was so simple, and the message is clear--the Lord is with us at all times, which gives reason to be patient, have trust, and continue diligently. Times become challenging in life but I know that our Heavenly Father is always there for us.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I look forward to hearing more good news that will be coming along. :)
Love you,
-Sister Roy

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