Monday, December 16, 2013

Boston Winter Wonderland

Oh my 'LANTA!!! Ahhh Josh is going to Atlanta, Georgia?! I'm so thrilled! Grandma was sure inspired! :) I know it's not a coincidence that he was assigned there, and that it's meant to be. He will see why he is supposed to be there as his mission progresses. I am overwhelmed with joy right now. :)

Not as much happened here this week, but here are a few things:
We have been trying to reach and set up appointments for our investigators and those we teach, but it's been difficult because everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas. Hence, Sister Patterson and I are striving to make the most of what we can do with the time we have. For instance, we had this awesome idea come to mind when we were trying to figure out what to do for one of the families we are struggling to see. We got together with a couple of kids from a less active family (they are strongly rooted in the gospel, but we are trying to get them to come to church more often) as well as one of the members from the ward. We were initially going to "heart attack" them, but then I remembered the idea that came a few years ago--to cut out Christmas lights shapes, write notes on them to go around their door, and with a large note "We just wanted to light up your day!" We covered their door with uplifting notes, and  nothing can beat the adrenaline rush that followed after ringing their doorbell.
This week, we also finished our English class. The amount of students dwindled as the semester progressed, but there were a few students that came the final day. The lesson was on "Christmas" terms, which was a treat. I loved how we could point to our tags when we were explaining how to say Jesus Christ. Although the class had to be secular during the semester, and we weren't allowed to tell about what we do or teach as missionaries, we made some close close friendships that we hope to grow. It's been a special experience to see them all learn and grow over time. Their English has greatly improved, and they showed their gratitude for us helping them. Although the class isn't continuing for another semester since it was at a prime proselyting time, and we couldn't recruit members to help, it's been a worthwhile experience.

If you're wondering about the weather, Boston got dumped with a foot of snow on Saturday/Sunday. Haha it was about time. We had our ward Christmas party and not as many people showed up since the storm was beginning, but it still turned out to be a success. It hasn't snowed since then, but we will see what happens. I just barely heard that we are supposed to get more tomorrow, as the temps will plummet.
There are a lot of virus's and colds going around (tis the season) but I am doing my absolute best to stay healthy. First, Elder Wilhelmsen came down with a bad cold, then Sister Patterson caught it. Both of them have been so sweet. When we were locked out one morning, the Elders picked us up to stay in a warm car. Elder Wilhelmsen then drove straight to CVS and came out wearing a mask. Sister Patterson then unfortunately caught the cold, and has been wearing a mask when we are at our apartment. I told them they didn't need to if it made them uncomfortable and there are sick people all around, but I thought it was very thoughtful of both of them. Sister Patterson and I stayed home yesterday for her to recover, but she seems to be doing a lot better. Hopefully all will be well this season.

For Skyping next week, we will be at the Tardiff's again and will Skype sometime in the morning. I'm not exactly sure yet what's going to happen for it, but make sure you are signed in to Skype and have it ready.

The Elders shared some insights of a Christmas element with Sister Patterson and I that I never thought about. We often hear of the wise men, and how we can learn from them to continually seek for the Savior in our lives. In addition, who knows how long their journey may have been. They must have been exhausted and worn out at times, but they continued on as they kept their destination in mind. We can learn from their example, whether it be relating to missionary work or our own personal matters--to never lose hope, to journey on when times become rough, and to know that everything will work out as we follow Jesus Christ. We should continually seek after Him, even when our journeys become rough.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I cannot wait to talk to you on Christmas!!
Sister Roy
P.S. Here is the link to the Real Life Answers Christmas blog post:

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