Monday, February 17, 2014

First Week in Plymouth!

Plymouth Rock (year 1620 inscribed on it)
Hello hello from Plymouth!!  How are you all doing??

So here are a few things I've observed (so far) about this area:

--It has much more of a small-town feeling than the Weston 1st ward area. It's very different from Waltham! The streets are wider and there's not as many pedestrians, cars honking, and intersections everywhere. There's also far less cultural diversity and most people here seem to be laid back and love to talk.

-It gets very windy here, which make sense since I heard we are five minutes from the coast!

-More people here have heavier "Bastin" accents, which took me by surprise because it's a little further from Boston.

-Most of the tourist locations aren't open until Spring, but I look forward to seeing what's out here once it opens up. :)

My new companion is Sister Nielson, and she is incredible! She is from San Diego, California, and went to school at BYU Idaho. She was a pole-vaulter in high school. I know that in no time I'll probably find myself using her most-used phrase "awkotaco." She is a very hard worker, and also knows when to have fun. 

My new companion Sister Nielson
She has been very understanding of Cystic Fibrosis and the adjustments that are made for it, which is a great relief. :) She has a solid testimony that I am continually learning from, and we are both looking forward to continue working hard in this area.

The branch here also seems wonderful! It's very different from Weston and I'm still adjusting as I greatly miss those in my past area, but I am looking forward to working here. :) Want to know where we meet for church? Yep, we meet at what used to be a Shop and Stop grocery store! 

Before: Shop and Stop.  Now: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Where our Branch meets for Church
Dad, as you pointed out with Branches, they do seem very close. There are all types of personalities and backgrounds, but they seem to have a love for this gospel. I've heard that, and am starting to see, how the work in this area is picking up quickly. Instead of the usual conflict of not having enough priesthood holders to become a ward, they only need 6 more people to join! I don't know how long it will take but I look forward to hearing when it will become a ward!

Hmm I'm trying to think about what happened this week...

It turns out that every Saturday here, the Sister Missionaries join with Habitat for Humanity to build/revamp homes for those in need. So, on Saturday, I was given a hammer and nails and went to work. 

Before I knew it, I was corrected continually on how to correctly use a hammer through proper technique--not something I ever put much thought into before! We nailed floorboards and walls together in an unfinished basement. I look forward to getting to know the whole crew better and it will be neat to learn more how to build a home! Again, it's not something I ever thought I'd do!

To be honest, adjusting here has been a little rough, with culture shock and some starting-off experiences that weren't terrible but not the greatest either. However, during one of my first nights here, the Lord was able to show how he's in control, and is able to fill in the gaps that I cannot fill, as He shows His tender mercies. 

On Friday we taught the family of a man who was baptized a while back, but seems to very much want to come to church again. He came in contact with the church as he asked missionaries to give his mom a blessing in the hospital as she was in a state of passing away soon. After the priesthood blessing, she recovered to be well-enough again. Since then, he's expressed interest in coming. I was actually nervous before the lesson, as we planned to teach him more about the youth program (young women's for his girls), but I knew we had to somehow fit in the Restoration. Once the lesson began, words flowed out as I wasn't sure what I was saying, but I could feel the spirit filling their home. Sister Nielson also bore her strong testimony and personal experiences that brought the spirit as well. I hope that we can continue teaching this awesome family. 

I'm still adjusting to the different culture here, but I know that the Lord has His plan for Plymouth. I so grateful to be part of it and to help serve His children here. 

Well I better go but thanks so much for all that you are and for all that you do. I cannot thank you enough for your strength and support. :)

-Sister Roy

P.S. My cold is slowly going away. Thankfully it hasn't targeted my lungs as much as colds sometimes do

Feeling loved on Valentines Day 

Swapping companions -- from Plymouth to Weston, from Weston to Plymouth

Last time seeing the only Wendy's in Waltham, which happened to be at the end of Bacon Street

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