Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Going To...!!!

Transfer T-Texts Coming In!!!
Hey everyone!!

Here's the news...I'm being transferred to Plymouth, Massachusetts! In fact, in only a few hours because our transfer meeting was re-scheduled from tomorrow to tonight because of another snow storm coming through. I'll tell as much as I can about this week in the short time I have.

Some things I've heard about Plymouth: there's some history that took place there ;) a plantation where they have actors who dress up as Pilgrims and Indians, and a little rock that someone may have claimed was Plymouth Rock haha, and that it's a beautiful area right by the coast. It will be neat though to live where the Pilgrims landed and to see all that's there. As far as I can remember, I've never been part of a branch so that will be neat as well. Also, is it also true that we have ancestors from that area?

I wish I could express in words how thankful I am for all the experiences in the Weston First ward. It's been incredible to see how much this area has is flourishing as the work is picking up. I'm going to miss this area and everyone here and thinking about it wrenches my heart strings, but I'm looking forward to all of the experiences that will take place in Plymouth and to continue bringing others to the knowledge of the gospel that Jesus Christ established on the earth in its complete fullness.

The highlight from this week was Tyler and Emma's baptism on Saturday. It turned out so well, and it truly was a privilege and honor to teach them during most of my time in this area--from starting to finishing the lessons. During the program, Emma was grinning from ear to ear and Tyler carried a light in his eyes. The peaceful, joyful feeling filled the Relief Society room as it was packed with guests, including Jose who sat next to us, as he remembered his baptism.  
Emma and Tyler's Baptism
De-ja Vu for Jose
Sister Patterson and I gave talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost, and the man who baptized their mom years back baptized them as well. The following day (my last Sunday in the ward), we were able to listen to Tyler and Emma's confirmation as we couldn't help but feel grateful for how the Lord guided each step for this moment to take place.

It's been an honor to serve here and to experience all that has taken place and meet each individual here. All of these opportunities and the people here--Sister Gledhill and Sister Patterson, the ward members, investigators, and those coming closer to our loving Heavenly Father have changed my life; it most definitely wouldn't be the same without them.

As a fun note, here are more quotes from the past couple of transfers:
-Sister Patterson's most used phrase "Oh golly!"
-Hearing Sister Patterson across the exercise room at the YMCA exclaim to the person next to her to start a conversation: "This is so much fun!!!"
-At President Interviews, in between interviews during our district's laughing fit from being in a meeting for so long...:
Elder Bordeau (a Haitian missionary) to Elder Bloomfield: "You're turning red like a tomato!"
Elder Bloomfield: "You're turning a burnt krispy!"
-Elder Bordeau's famous phrase "Sir!"
-Sister Little--one of the Employment missionaries: "In the pre-mortal life, girls were taught the eye-roll!"
Sister Patterson: "It's crazy how we are barely able to manage one ward and God is able to manage more worlds. I wonder if each planet is like a ward to Him?"
And then there was Suzanne's voice mail (the lady we visited when the two Seventh-Evangelical missionaries were visiting her as well), as it began with: "Elder Roy! I miss you my dear!"

Here's to more lessons taught and learned, more life-changing experiences, more friendships, more laughs...a little bit more of everything in Plymouth. :)

I'm sorry if this sounds rushed but it's been a great week! I'm fighting off a pretty ugly cold right now as well, so hopefully it will go away soon. Other than that everything's going well.

Love you all so much!
-Sister Roy

Hey here's my new address in Plymouth:
Sister Rachel Roy
207 Samoset St #A6
Plymouth, MA 02360
People can still send mail to the mission office as well but this is my direct one in Plymouth.
Talk to you more on Monday! (Even though it's a holiday---we'll email at the church

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