Monday, May 12, 2014

The Best Skype Call :)

Skype call with the whole family on Mother's Day...Alicia and new baby nephew, Josh on mission, everyone at home

It's been a great week!

Transfer meeting on Wednesday was a powerful one. Once again, all of the missionaries being transferred as well as the departing missionaries were there. However, now they allow members and investigators to also attend to feel the peace and spiritual strength from the talks by Sister and President Packard and the departing missionaries' testimonies. I'll tell must have been the most incredible transfer meeting I've been to. Sister Packard spoke on the importance of having desire for everything that we do, and that anyone who "has a desire to serve God is qualified for the work." A few of the testimonies born by the 16 departing missionaries had other missionaries, including myself, as well as President and Sister Packard moved to tears. A theme that seemed to carry throughout the meeting was how our lives can be changed as we place ourselves on the full altar of God, as it takes time. If we give our heart, then our Heavenly Father will help us through the difficult times and help us reach our full potential. There was also a Sister who got up and had to go home due to health challenges she faces. Her unwavering knowledge of the Savior and His plan for her, and her strength of faith, was very moving. One quote she said that stood out was "This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, but I didn't make it--the Lord did." I always looked up to this Sister and you would never guess she faced the inner battles she did. She also somewhat knew of the challenges regarding CF, so there has been a connection between us while we've both been here. Overall, the testimonies born moved me to feel a greater desire to follow the Lord's will during my mission and thereafter.

At the end of transfer meeting, I joined with Sister Harris. It was also her Birthday! We are both "fun-size" and are very different but get along well. I'd say she is probably more quiet than I am, but I've already observed how she has a strong, powerful, growing testimony of the Savior and His Atonement. She is darling and must be one of the nicest people I've met. We are adjusting to figuring out what is best to do for the area, but are taking everything one step at a time through goal setting, organizing area information, working with the members, and more. We're already an awesome team.  

A great part of this week was our lesson with our new investigator Yuri, who I started to talk about last week. We finished the lesson on the Restoration. Thanks to Sister Harris's inspiration to watch the Restoration DVD with them which took up the majority of the time, but brought the Spirit in even more. (As a sidenote, his wife Solange said on Sunday that he made her watch it again after we left!) We can see how much Yuri wants to learn more and feels the confirmation that all that he's learning is right. We extended a baptismal date for him in June, but he's going to wait it out and see, as he wants to keep learning and to make sure he feels ready. He knows it will happen and is looking forward to when it comes. :)

The best part of this week was the call home for Mother's Day!!! Pure warmth still fills my soul from it. :) It was so neat to talk with everyone over Skype from California, Salt Lake, Georgia, and here in Massachusetts. It was a powerful experience while we were setting up to hear each other's voices from all over when we couldn't see each other, then one by one would appear. I also nearly teared up when I heard little Connor's cry for the first time, and to observe how close he is to Alicia. He sure is precious. :)

 I love how we all spoke about missionary work as Josh and I are both serving our missions. I loved how we shared neat experiences, laughed at times and somehow ended up singing Grandpa's songs at one point. It was a special Skype conversation I'll never forget. I truly am grateful to be part of this eternal family. :)

The quote I mentioned in our brief family testimony meeting over Skype has stayed with me over the week, especially since the Transfer meeting on Wednesday seemed to have a similar theme: "Consecration is the only surrender that is also a victory."  As we devote our lives with all our hearts to the Lord, challenges become more bearable, we gain understanding in His plan, and we enable ourselves to see us how He sees us.

I love you very much.

Sister Roy

P.S. #1: During our mission webex on Tuesday, President Packard shared a little bit about his experience of spending time driving Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Rasband a couple of weeks ago. The main reason they came to Boston was because they have a particular concern that within 30 years, the freedoms of religion would be eroded and the government functions would make it more difficult. There's no need to worry about it to the point of causing fear, but they want community interfaith counsels to be more involved with each other. I found it interesting and decided to take note of it since they receive revelation from Heavenly Father.

P.S. #2: What else am I excited for in a couple of weeks? To hear and meet Elder Holland here! He's coming for a "Mission Meeting" for several hours. I simply cannot wait. :)

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