Monday, August 4, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Hey everyone!

Sorry this will be a little bit of a shorter letter since we have to get off soon. I still am shocked with all of the changes happening back at home but I know everything will work out according to the Lord's will.

I'm adjusting to all of the new changes of being here in Cambridge. I'm growing to love this ward! At first it was a culture shock to see all of the young couples and many kids around, but yesterday it hit how much of a party it is. :) For instance, there will be kids left and right trying to free themselves from their parents as they try to run up the aisles before their parents grasp hold of them. It may seem irreverent, but I honestly couldn't help but enjoy it. There were several parents who brought up their son or daughter to the pulpit when they bore their testimony. There was even one boy who kept putting his hand up to his eye. He was looking through it to all of us, when he called out, "I see you mommy!" We couldn't help but laugh :) It's a great joy to be here and the people here are very loving. As there are many wise people here, with various degrees, professions, and skills, it's been wonderful to already learn from them and we feel loved into the ward.

What has also been wonderful to see is that there have been many less actives coming back to church. One, for instance, stopped coming for a long while, but came back. Many members approached her, telling her how much they missed her and were glad to see her. She loved all that was said at church and felt spiritually strengthened; she committed herself to keep coming from now on. :)

As for a couple shindigs that took place this week:

-Our zone had a mini party for lunch before the transfer took place when a few were transferred. We had crepes, and surprised the Moore's with a huge card that Sister Scott and I created for everyone to sign for their anniversary.

Our Zone (except for Elder Orgill)

-There has been a Haitian Baptist priest that has continually been calling us, since Sister Scott and Sister Miller (the Sister who was with her previously) promised him they would come to his church if he came to ours. It turns out we can't because his church takes place during my treatment time every Sunday morning, so we've been telling him why we can't go (even with the simple explanation "She's sick!" referring to myself as the best way we could tell him to help him understand) but he still doesn't seem to get it. Anyways, during one of his calls this week while we were at the church as a zone, he blurted out to Sister Scott, with the Haitian speaking Elders right there in front of us, "But I love you!" Our jaws dropped and we were speechless. Good gravy...the things that happen here near Boston!!

To top the week off, we had another sweet visit with Al on Saturday at the rehab center where he is at. We were going to do a Restoration review, but before we headed over there I felt we should begin by reading 3 Ne 11:3-7 when Christ appeared to the Nephites. The plan with that was to focus in on how the Lord speaks to us, and how Heavenly Father introduced Christ with the same words when He was baptized. When we discussed this with Al, the spirit felt as peaceful and breathtaking as before. Sister Scott did a beautiful job describing how Heavenly Father was proud of Christ, even when He was baptized, as He would continually be proud of Al for his decision to do the same and follow Him. We extended September 14th as a date if his health improves, since it hasn't been the best lately. Al wanted so badly to listen to us more, but his meds that caused him to be drowsy given by the nurses were kicking in. He has a pure heart and wants to be baptized, as he said, "We cannot move backward, only forward." He also cannot wait to come to church when he is well enough to attend. I know somehow it will work out for him--to move forward to his heart's yearning desires. I could feel while we were with Al how understanding the Lord is of his desires and condition. This strengthened my testimony of how understanding our Heavenly Father and Savior are for all that we face, with all of the hardships, pleadings and yearnings in our hearts, all the situations that we encounter, and the hopes that we wish to be fulfilled.

Always know how much I love you all and have a wonderful week. :)


Sister Roy

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