Friday, August 22, 2014

Relying on the Lord

This week was still great but wasn't quite as busy as last week, and we had some plans fall through. To be honest, I've had to greatly rely on the Lord to help me overcome personal barriers. He has most definitely answered prayers while strengthening and enabling Sister Scott and I to do what we cannot do on our own. He has helped us see others for who they really are and who they can become through His mercy and grace. All in all, I've just been thinking more lately about the importance of relying on Him, having Him fill in the gaps, making up for shortcomings and helping with what cannot be done on our own. 

Unfortunately Kunal cancelled our appointment for this week and wasn't able to make it to church as he's become busy with work. We also were planning on "heart-attacking" Al this week but it's been a little tricky trying to figure out where he's at since he's planning on going back to rehab from the hospital soon. 

With our new investigator Mark on his Birthday with his new present :)
Although those were a couple of bummers, we had a great and powerful lesson with our investigator, Mark. I don't know if I ever told you about him. It's been a little difficult to relate to him since it's been hard to figure out his needs as he learns differently and has his mind set on some philosophies. However, the more we've met with him, the Lord has helped me see how awesome he is. I'll have to say, when he came in for our lesson with him on Saturday, with his 10 pages for each of us as his homework answers, wearing his large cross chains over his shirt, I just could help but think how awesome he is! He has great potential as he has a yearning desire to learn more of what we teach. The lesson flowed so smoothly, as it was focused only on prayer. The most powerful part of the lesson was when we used President Clayton M. Christensen's advice from his book “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”--we demonstrated how to pray, as we had him pay attention to the similarities and differences to the examples of a group prayer and a personal prayer. First, Sister Moore offered the group prayer. Afterwards, I knelt down and offered up a few concerns, desires, and informed Heavenly Father what I was thankful for. The spirit was so strong by that point and remained that way for the rest of the lesson.

Our investigators are facing their own personal trials, some which we are not sure if they are preventing them from being more receptive to the spirit that is felt. It's been difficult at times to be patient and understanding. There was one morning this week where I opened my Book of Mormon, hoping it would turn to a scripture I needed or could use. That's when I turned open to Moroni 3:9-12.

In this story, Moroni is struggling with the Nephites. They boasted in themselves, wanted avenge, and became wicked as they found success in their battles. Although there is a definite line here, as the people we are teaching are at no means wicked, I've found myself at times feeling more like Moroni in the description he gave, as he "did utterly refuse from (that) time forth to be a commander and leader of (the) people." (vs. 11) Then I read on to verse 12..."Behold, I had led them, notwithstanding their wickedness I had led them many times to battle, and had loved them, according to the Love of God which was in me, with all my heart; and my soul had been poured out unto my God all the day long for them..."

This hit me--although Moroni wanted to give up--perhaps because they didn't grasp what he tried to teach, because they were prideful, or many other reasons--he still chose to lead them. He depended on the love of God which he knew was deep down inside himself, with all his heart. And, he continued to pray--to pour out his soul--on their behalf, all day long. What a great lesson this exemplified to me--to do these things even when it's not easy, to grow in charity and gain understanding.

There is oftentimes a great need to "pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that (we) may be filled with this love." All I can say is that as we do so, we see marvelous blessings with added capacity from on high to do and become what we desires us to. There is just no way we can do these things without relying on the merits and mercy's of our Savior's Atoning sacrifice, as we leave it all in His hands.

With love,
Sister Roy

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