Monday, September 29, 2014


I don't know about you...but I'm feelin' 22! 

Or am I?...Well, it's pretty weird to think that I'm now 22 but at least I can honestly say the 21st year couldn't have been spent in a better way than being out here.

This week has had more ups and downs, but overall, it's been wonderful. :)

The Lynnfield Elders and us after Andrea's lesson (Elder Cousin Calvert is next to me)
The greatest miracle--in fact one of the greatest out here on the mission--was meeting our media referral Andrea, who I told a little bit about last week. She lives out near Lynnfield but works full-time in Cambridge, just down the street from the church. The Lynnfield Elders, which includes my somehow-cousin Elder Calvert, and Sister Bishop came so we could pass her off to them.

 Andrea consistently said, "When I'll be a Mormon" and "When I'm converted." She wants so desperately to be a member as she knows it's all true. She has such an inspiring story that she told us about. She was raised Jewish (very traditional Jewish). Yet, she was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by her close friend. She had family conflicts because her learning about the church made them feel she was putting them and their traditions off. From that point, she convinced herself she couldn't be a part of the church. However, over a period of 33 years, more signs led her to the church. For instance, Andrea has funded for a young girl in an orphanage in Uganda (and she wants to adopt her.) When she most recently went to Uganda to visit this girl in 2012, she walked out of the orphanage and turned the corner. There, right in front of her, was the LDS church building. She felt she belonged there as she longed to be there, as this left a powerful impact on her. In July of this year, Andrea fulfilled her dream of traveling to Las Vegas to see the Osmond's perform. She saved up and flew there since she loves them so much. Andrea was notified she was "randomly selected" to go to the meet and greet, where she had stunning pictures taken with them. Then Donny referred her to his website answering deep everyday questions through the gospel. When Andrea read over the website, she once again received the confirmation that what she was reading was true. Two months later--about a week ago--she did what she wanted to do for 33 years. She went on, requesting a Book of Mormon and a visit from the missionaries.

The Spirit led as that night as we continued to get to know her and do some "How to begin teaching." We observed how lonely she feels in her life and how she wants peace and joy through the gospel. She's mind-blowingly incredible! Seriously the missionary dream! On Saturday, the Elders taught her the first lesson with a lady from their ward who converted from being Jewish. They set her baptism date for October 26th! The Moore's, us, and her will be going to lunch with her this week, and then we'll be studying the Book of Mormon when she gets off of work on a weekly basis. Sister Bishop already agreed to come to her baptism. Seriously, it's all incredible! (As a side note for family, I feel that Grandpa Moody has a part in putting this all together, especially since Elder Calvert and I are related through him.)

A few other things that happened this week:

Sister Moore preparing the meal
-On Tuesday, the Moore's had us and the University Sisters over for dinner to eat Brazilian food since Sister Cruz just came out on the mission from Brazil. As a side note, I have discovered that Brazilian food must be some of the most divine in this world. It was by far one of the best meals I've had out on the mission. We sure love the Moore's and they have been like second parents for us.

-On Friday, our ward had a talent show that we had been preparing for a while. There was an assortment of talents shown, all from displays to food brought as talent to primary kids getting up to beat box, do tae quan do, families getting up and was a lot of fun! I made a last-minute decision if there were a few minutes left at the end to get up and sing the good ol' Africa song from memory. It turned out there were a few minutes, so I got up in dedication for all of my classmates for the world draw in 9th grade at Albion. Ha, oh goodness... :)

-Yes mom, I fully agree with what you said about the Women's Broadcast. I am grateful for the re-affirming witness of what it means to be a beloved Daughter of God, that no matter what we do or who we are, that knowledge always remains as part of our identity. I especially loved the musical medley of "I know my Savior loves me" and "I know that my Redeemer lives" and may have even teared up since the spirit was so strong. :) I won't even go on about how excited I am for General Conference next weekend. 

-Yesterday on Sunday, we had the sweet opportunity to have the Packard family host our church meetings. It began with a lunch before Sacrament meeting with them, our ward mission leader, and the Bishopric that the Bishop's wife provided. In Sacrament Meeting, the Packard kids spoke in the most absolute simplicity on the topics prayer, what it means to be dependent on the Lord, and the importance of scripture study. Sister Packard spoke on  how being consecrated in our busy lives is crucial as it enriches and makes living easier. President Packard spoke on personal revelation. For 2nd hour, Sister Packard met with the Youth while we had ward council with President Packard. We all spoke mainly about the Chinese group since it's technically part of this ward, as some great new changes and additions were made. He also spoke on further needs for our ward, as he clarified how and why we have the term "Low-lying fruit" and what the Ward council really needs to be focused on--individuals' needs and how to fulfill them, including for our monthly goals and finding pool individuals so we're all on the same page. The 3rd hour was a combines Q&A session with President and Sister Packard. Seriously, it was all exactly what was needed for the ward at this time.

With the University Sisters after the fireside with Pres Clayton Christensen
-Later on Sunday, we attended a fireside that the Chinese group put together that hosted President Clayton Christensen, as the topic was on religion. He used some of the same principles from his book Power of Everyday Missionaries, as it focused on the importance of asking questions to the Lord and receiving answers in return, and how the Restoration restored this after people quit asking God questions. The spirit felt was so sweet, especially as he shared the story of his friend Brian who passed away last week, as he converted to the church as he brought his questions to the Lord. He wasn't able to attend his funeral yesterday because they knew they had to be at the fireside. As he was in tears telling us what he would tell Brian at that time, we were all in tears. There is a great amount of humility that comes from him. He is one example of how much you can truly rely on the Lord and the Savior in every aspect, in every moment of your life as you do everything because you truly love them. Many of us in the chapel were moved to tears, observing while he was crying how much love for the Lord emulates from him.

I was reading over a few letters from friends in the past. Dana Bucco (shout out to D-Money)'s words of advice to "Find joy in the work not necessarily joy in the success." This couldn't be more true. A mission is needless to say hard work. It's brought such great joy to give everything I have to the Lord and to more fully understand (well, strive to understand) the Savior's infinite Atonement. I am honored to still work with the Lord as His disciple, as I will always be. I have been purchased and saved by the Savior's giving grace, by His sacrifice. There is never a way to fully repay all that He ever did and continues to do, as I fall short again and again with shortcomings, but at least I can do my best.

I love you all and thank you for the Birthday greetings and love. :)

-Sister Roy

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