Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Going to be a Mom!!!!

I'm Going to be a new Mom!!!!

Yes, that's right; I'm going to be a mom for the first time!! :D To clarify, a brand new greenie will be arriving in the Massachusetts Boston Mission this week who I will train for my last two transfers here. I have no idea who she is yet, but will find out at the "Forces unite" meeting this Wednesday right before transfer meeting. It's a meeting where all the trainers and new missionaries gather in a room. Everybody introduces themselves and then President Packard calls out each new missionary one at a time and tells them who they are being trained by. I'm pretty excited! 

Quote by Sister Scott: "You're having a baby just like everybody else in this ward." ...Ha.

As for Sister Scott, she will be heading over to Scituate, Rhode Island, where three now four of my companions have served--Sister Gledhill, Sister Nielson, and Sister Harris, as she is there now.  That's right; Sister Scott will be companions with Sister Harris!!! It's a little crazy how much companionship's can switch around. 

As for other matters this week...

Wednesday: It was not cool.

"Benny, I'm being baked like a toasted cheeser; it's so hot in here!" --from the Sandlot.
The bug exterminators finally came over after we woke up earlier and headed to the Moore's for the morning, then we went about for the rest of the day. When we came home, it was HOT. They cranked up large heaters for the heat treatment to about 140 degrees!  It took some time to bring our apartment back to normal and cool it down. We are so glad it's DONE.

On Friday, our Zone had the best Zone Conference. No really, it was the best. Before Zone meeting, we gathered for a "Cinco De Septiembre" scone fiesta. One of the members had over 20 sombreros in her home, so she offered them to us. We all enjoyed a freshly made scone buffet while wearing them. During zone meeting, one of the trainings answered my prayers that morning on how to have more faith in finding. A few missionaries from our zone created a last-minute video as an intermission. One of the Elders is talented with film editing, so it was mind blowing. It was too great and really was funny. Sister Scott also did a musical number. It was hitting that she was being transferred but I tried to hold back tears because we were the only ones that knew since President Packard called the previous night to tell me I was training. T-Texts came in following Zone Meeting.
The downside of this week was that our investigator, Kunal, completely dropped us. We and his fellow shipper had a very difficult time getting a hold of him over the past few weeks. When he invited him to church, he gave a little bit of an abrupt response. I was pretty heartbroken.

However... the good news is that Kyle and his family are progressing so much. Kyle had his baptism interview yesterday. In the past while being taught, he didn't make it a couple of times, but he finally did! He was beaming the rest of the day. We're so happy for him and we're going to set a baptismal date soon.

Great things continue to happen here in Cambridge, which I am grateful for. Over the past couple of months, my Book of Mormon study has been focused on identifying the ways people were "Strengthened by the Lord" or "In the strength of the Lord" they were able to accomplish much more, in contrast to relying on their own talents and wits. I'll have to end this soon since President Packard extended a new challenge for us to highlight all references to the Lord's tender mercies shown throughout the Book of Mormon over the next 2 transfers. However, this study has reminded me how when we rely on the Lord for his strength, He never lets us down and everything ends up better in the long run.

Hope you have a great week. 

With love,
Sister Roy

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