Monday, October 28, 2013

"Hey kid, get in the van, we've got candy!"

 Hey everyone!
Okay, as for this week, Sister Patterson and I went on exchanges for a day with the Sister training leaders, Sisters Wagner and Sister Bringhurst. When I was with Sister Wagner, I expressed my concerns on how we weren't using our time wisely. I felt that Sister Patterson and I were running around, mainly in Waltham in the daytime, dropping by the same members' and less-actives' homes that we had a hard time getting hold of (because for some reason everyone works and goes to school all day...what's with that? ;) ) We would have a few appointments here and there, but some would fall through and they still were not nearly enough to fill the hours we had. So, the first step we took was to visit the Visiting Teaching Supervisors to see how we can help them with their callings to discuss which companionship's we could strengthen, which teaches may need to have extra care, and any less-actives who we could help. So when Sister Wagner and I were together for a day, we started the morning off with our scheduled meeting with one of the Visiting Teaching Supervisors in the ward. We received prime information, then went with it. We began making phone calls and setting appointments. At the end of exchanges, we shared with Sister Patterson all the information we collected. From then on, we made phone calls and set up appointments with the people we knew we should visit. It's still in the works but we've had some good, meaningful visits. Using our time at its best, not procrastinating in planning appointments, and setting priorities is still in the works but it's getting there. We're also having to work our schedules carefully because we are running out of given miles for the month. 

 On Saturday we had our tri-ward Trunk or Treat. Sister Packard brought the party bus along with lights and decor for us to decorate it with. It was a big hit! It was fun to say, "Hey kid, you want some candy? Get in the van!" All these kids would clamber inside as Christmas music was playing at full blast, since Christmas music sounds cheerful and Christlike. Natalie Packard greeted everyone with her large grin and Elder Thompson, one of the AP's (and he's from Sandy/went to Cottonwood HS) hid in the corner behind a pumpkin poster to scare a few kids. We actually ran out of candy but we had plenty of pass-along cards. :)

 A few more happenings:
We are definitely feeling more of the late-fall weather. Luckily it hasn't snowed yet. We'll see how it turns out, but it is a little more chilly here. I'm still keeping up with all my responsibilities to stay well.

Jose's baptism date got postponed for a bit since he didn't come to church; he has to come a few times before and continue to progress. This Sunday, though, he finally came! Ahh he is so awesome and said he will come again next week. We're still teaching him and he seems to be progressing and doing well. We're hoping to have his whole family more involved in the lessons though and hope for them to come back soon (it's mainly been work schedules that conflict).
While reflecting about some things yesterday, Sister Patterson said, "I know of a solution: everyone should just stop working and going to school so everyone would be home." For some reason this made me wonder, Will the work ever stop, even in paradise? Then I answered my own question on how much work would need to be done to prepare for the Savior's coming--a lot. And then, an idea that is not doctrine, but just my own idea--what if paradise has its name because everyone will be working in unity and harmony, which could be considered a paradise? I know that we will no longer face hardships or sufferings that we face on Earth, but we will all be encompassed in the Lord's glory. I never thought of Paradise possibly being this way before--a place where everyone works using their own unique talents, strengths, and abilities,knowing why and who they are serving in preparation for the Savior's return. It was just a thought, but it blew me away. We will never know until we arrive at the other side but it was a neat thought.

This work is tiring and draining in many ways, but it is a privilege to take part in it. I have to keep reminding myself to look at the grand scheme and remember what matters most. There's a lot of challenges that come and bridges to cross, but it's so rewarding to help build the kingdom of God here on the earth.

I love you all very much.

-Sister Roy

P.S. Go Red Sox!!

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