Monday, October 21, 2013

Updates and Daffodils


The worm we named Elder :)


Hey Family,

First of all, Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!! Don't worry I did not forget. I hope you got the card I sent in the mail! Do you have any fun plans? I hope you have a great Birthday today!!!
This week whizzed by and I am trying to remember what happened. We had one lesson with Jose, as all other appointments with investigators fell through, so Sister Patterson and I were able to exceed our goal for member visits. We've been using tactics she discovered in her past area as well as talks from this past General Conference to motivate them to be engaged in the work, including starting from their own desires in life. We've also been busy visiting less actives and finding ways to serve in the community.

On Saturday we planted Daffodil bulbs in Ashland, right along the Marathon route. There will be more flowers planted all along the route over the next few weeks and they will bloom yellow in honor of the incident that happened during the last marathon, right in time for next year's marathon. It was fun to help out with the other missionaries and there were a few photographers--we might just be in the Deseret news at some point soon so you can keep an eye out for it.
Sister Patterson and I are getting along well. I'm still learning by her example as she seeks to understand the needs each person we visit. We've had some great planning sessions and have been able to fulfill most of our goals. I've also been teaching her some basic recipes and we even made a superb pizza with ingredients a member family gave us for left overs. I'm glad she's also been asking questions when they come because I want to make sure we communicate clearly with everything, including about CF. It's starting to get colder here and some illness is starting to go around, so we briefly discussed what we would do in case exchanges would come in need.

I am striving to be patient with my weaknesses again and again, but I know that through prayer, our Heavenly Father can help out. I'm still learning new ways and approaches to try to be able to address each individual's needs to help them progress at the right pace. The mission has its stressful and overwhelming moments, especially since I feel the large responsibility to help each person, but the Lord is continuing to help ease the load. There are several times in the scriptures where we learn about how our Heavenly Father created a new perspective and mindset, providing the encouragement and strength needed. For instance, Enoch did not feel qualified for his calling and responsibilities, so then the Lord told him how he would strengthen him, and then instructed him to walk with him. He then helped open Enoch's eyes as he saw with a new perspective, which gave him the strength to continue on. I love this story and I feel like it's something we could all use as we feel incompatible, insufficient, or discouraged. We can all pray for help and walk with the Lord, which can allow him to strengthen us and help us see with a new perspective.

There are sweet moments here on the mission where the Lord has opened my eyes as there have been some  unexpected, but sweet experiences--whether it be applying a few things I learned in my articulation and phonological disorders class while teaching English, remembering the drama with the Health Insurance prior to the mission (which assures I am here in this mission for a reason), feeling the Spirit bear witness that what we teach is the absolute truth and seeing others come closer to our Savior...the list is endless.
I wish you all the best week.
Love you,
Sister Roy

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