Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"When You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello"

Goodbye hug

I have a new companion!  Meet Sister Patterson.
"When you say goodbye, I say hello."
Sister Patterson is actually from California, north of LA, but has moved many times from California to Utah (sounds a little familiar.) I came to quickly realize that we are very different in what seems to be all aspects, but she is awesome and we are learning more each day as a companionship. She has a cute country accent and must be one of the sweetest girls to live. I still miss Sister Gledhill, but I am continuing to learn from Sister Patterson. I've also been able to help her with cooking healthily and helping with work outs in the mornings. She seems to have a desire to learn more healthy habits and I'm not forcing her into anything, but I've noticed how is slowly following after the ways I shop at the grocery store, cook, and work out in the mornings.

Before Sister Gledhill left, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to carry on all the appointments and responsibilities and be able to help out Sister Patterson. I'll admit that it was overwhelming. However, through planning and praying, I've felt an increased, burning desire to carry on the work and help out each individual. I wish I could explain the feeling, but I've felt our Savior lift the load as I've done my part and strive to work with Sister Patterson. I just hope that we can continue working hard and not lose hope.
As for other shenanigans and happenings...

Oh man. I wish I could express how incredible our Mission President is. #celebritystatus I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but he's given experiences during these past few days that were unbelievable--trials and hardships, what he's learned, and how his testimony has grown from diligent scripture study. I won't share much, but he's had experiences that you would not believe. It was such a treat to hear from him at Transfer meeting and Stake Conference, and at both meetings, people were in tears and the Spirit was incredibly strong. During Stake Conference, President Packard told the story of the Prodigal Son--how the son was lost, but once he came back, his father ran to him, tenderly kissed him, and embraced him. It's a beautiful imagery for how our Heavenly Father feels about each of us. I've been able to feel his love for those we are teaching--it's one of the best parts of this work. The two greatest commandments have stood out to me this past week, while striving for unity between Sister Patterson and I, to care for those we visit, to constantly be focusing on their needs and how to help them progress. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being a missionary, but it all comes to the simplicity of loving our Heavenly Father with all our heart, might, mind, and strength, and giving our time, care, and attention to those around us.

 Sister Patterson and I were also able to finally go to the temple yesterday! One thing I've missed is being able to attend the temple more regularly--don't take it for granted! Half of our mission goes every other Monday holiday, and then the other half goes for the following Monday holiday.  We were able to watch the new film for the first time as well and it was so special to be able to attend for the first time in months. It was much needed and I encourage anyone who can go to the temple to go.

The autumn weather here is still beautiful and we've heard it's the best that's been here in years. The leaves are staying on longer than usual. We haven't had many rainstorms and it isn't too cold yet. Hopefully it won't be a long winter like last year's.
Well I better go. There's not too much to talk about since it was a shorter week. I wish you all the best week.
With much love,
 Sister Roy

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